Are Laptop Chargers Universal

Are Laptop chargers universal

In the modern world, the number of laptops users are increasing day by day. Unfortunately, no one knows about the specification of laptops. And the main question is are laptop chargers universal? The charger is the most important part of laptops. And no doubt, universal laptops chargers are very much helpful.

Are these chargers safe? Yes, no doubt, all the universal laptops chargers are really helpful. There are some hazardous in this regard. We know that the AC adapter converted the voltage into the laptop by knowing the demand. All the laptops can share the power cords as the adapter wattage is compatible with reaching the laptop. I am here to assist you with the major issue.

Are all laptop chargers Universal?

A lot of users left a question to know about the issue of universal chargers. No, all the laptop chargers are not Universal. I have checked that the HP laptop chargers are not universal. After reviewing the different laptops, I have seen that most laptop chargers’ connectors can fit only with specific models. Whereas the other do not have such kind of features. 

All the laptops are very tricky to use. The portability of a computer is also highly convenient. No doubt, there are some methods or connectors to attach with any computer to make the helpful charger.

If you want to get a technical answer about the Universal chargers, we are not in favor of it. We have seen that most of the HP laptops do not have any power options. The makers created a specific place to attach the chargers. While the old model can connect to any chargers. HP is one of the best companies in the market. You can attach all kinds of chargers to the laptops

 Are Universal Chargers safe?

Most of the users want to get the answer to this question. Every person knows that each laptop has its specific chargers. If you put any other chargers, you will demolish the rules and quality of a computer. If you choose the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) chargers and Universal chargers, you can get rid of many issues.

OEM Chargers

No matter, the OEM charger is made by the actual company of all the laptops or took from any other in the market. A lot of laptop companies took help from the third part to attain the purpose. For example, when you purchase the OEM Chargers, it is not any guarantee for the users. It will perform without any issue. Do not forget to see the logo of HP over the chargers.

Here are some prominent features of Universal chargers. 

Demand of Power

Do you know that all the laptops do not need the same power voltage? So, all the laptops need reliable voltage to run. For this, you need to know the specifications of laptops. Do not forget to see the volts and amps in the setting.

After that, you have to multiply these two numbers to find the correct voltage. A normal laptop demands 19 Voltage and 3.16 A. Suppose an adapter has a 60 W capacity. Are universal laptop chargers any good? Yes, It would be helpful to attach to any laptop. No doubt, you can use a higher voltage adapter like the 70W to 90W. I want to ask you to do not to use the minimum voltage wattage laptop charger.

The Tips of Connecter

It is essential to check the rating of energy to know the other demand. One thing takes into account that the real output is not beneficial if the tip of the laptop is not correct. We have seen different types of laptops which are also not the same in size and shape. Two laptops of the same makers do not need the same kinds of adapters. Even the size and specifications are also the same. Do not attach the connector to the port of the adapter.

Even the size and shape are also the same. It may harm your laptop at any time. The best users are those who know the specifications of laptops and the demand of the system.

Universal Chargers

Are our laptop chargers universal? If you know about the minimum wattage of laptop power, then you have almost done your job. Your major problem will automatically decrease. There are many connecter tips in the market, but you need to match them to the laptop.

You must have detailed information about the universal chargers. All the tips of changeable tips can change when needed. You may use the cord for multiple laptops. No doubt, the tip of every laptop will not be of a single type. You must be careful while connecting to any laptop. We have seen that modern laptops may attach to the usual power cord at any time. But, we cannot do it with the older ones. It is the feature of universal laptops.

Troubleshooting features

If you have purchased an adapter that must work for multiple laptops. It may harm software to any other system. You need to check the adapter with the voltmeter to know the exact wattage and power.

A lot of users used the power cord after attaching the battery to the laptop. If you want to know the exact power wattage, you need to remove the battery while checking the specifications. Do not forget to check the operating system and BIOS also. These are the necessary things to know with time.

In the end, you must check the adapter jack. It must be good not to lose without any issue.


I tried my best to provide you all the essential information about the universal laptop chargers. Laptop charger compatibility is also a part of this issue. In the end, I would like to ask you to check the laptop’s specifications before installing the power chargers. No matter if the wattage of the laptop power cord exceeded the specification. It is really helpful for all kinds of laptops. You may also check the tips of the charger before using it.

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