Best Monitor For CAD in 2021


AutoCAD is a 2D and 3D computer-aided drafting software application and is used to create blueprints for buildings, bridges, and computer chips, etc. In that case, engineers must need the best monitor for CAD to maximize their productivity. As a result of a good monitor, the engineer can view their designs accurately and can complete large-scale projects in a short time. 

Yes, a good monitor with good response time can save you more time than you think. 

Now you must be thinking about how to find the best monitor for CAD. So today, in this post, I will give you a list of some best monitors that you can buy. I know there are many advertisers that are advertising monitors with a hefty price tag. 

Don’t worry, this guide carries affordable and best in performance monitors for CAD. However, some of the monitors listed will be expensive but just because of their features.

So, if you have a budget and you can afford those monitors then you’re good to go.

Finally, in the end, there is a complete buyer’s guide that can help you in choosing the best from our list. Make sure to read the guide. 

List Of 08 Best CAD Monitors In 2021:

ImageNameFeaturesCheck Price
Philips 276E8VJSBSize: 27 inches
Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
Weight: 10.65 lbs
Response time: 05 ms
Sceptre C275W-1920RNSize: 27 inches
Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
Weight: 08.59 lbs
Response time: 08 ms
LG 27UK850-WSize: 27 inches
Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
Weight: 13.40 lbs
Response time: 05 ms
Samsung U28E590DSize: 27 inches
Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
Weight: 11.6 lbs
Response time: 01 ms
Samsung U28E590DSize: 32 inches
Resolution: 2560 × 1440 pixels
Weight: 27.56 lbs
Response time: 04 ms
BenQ PD2700QSize: 27 inches
Resolution: 2560 × 1440 pixels
Weight: 15.2 lbs
Response time: 04 ms
Dell Ultrasharp U2719DXSize: 27 inches
Resolution: 2560 × 1440 pixels
Weight: 13.14 lbs
Response time: 08 ms
Philips Brilliance 329P9HSize: 32 inches
Resolution: 3840 × 2160 pixels
Weight: 23.39 lbs
Response time: 05 ms

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1. Philips 276E8VJSB – Top Rated

Philips 276E8VJSB - Top Rated

Philips 276E8VJSB is a  27-inch affordable monitor for CAD users. It has a slim and elegant design with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The 4K Ultra HD display with narrow borders makes this monitor best for CAD users and professionals. However, this monitor has a refresh rate of 60Hz with a response time of 5ms. 

Philips 276E8VJSB provides a decent experience for those who love gaming because the level of detail in dark scenes was very excellent and is supported by appropriate gamma handling. Hence, this monitor displays rich results and a natural color palette. Due to this, the environment is displayed more clearly with more details.

Not yet, flicker-free technology and low blue light that reduces eye-strain can also be found in this monitor. On the other hand, this monitor has some useful ports that are 2 x HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2 and etc.

Overall, with good response time, refresh rate, 4k display, and UHD resolution make this monitor best for CAD users.


  • Screen size: 27-inch
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Weight: 10.65 lbs
  • Response time: 5ms
  • Dimensions: 24.10 x 7.40 x 18.30 inches
  • 4K resolution
  • 10-bit color representation
  • Clear display
  • Good response time
  • Excellent details in dark scenes
  • Slim
  • IPS technology
  • Can’t rotate or adjust the height
  • No speakers

2. Sceptre C275W-1920RN – Editor’s Choice

Sceptre C275W-1920RN - Editor's Choice

Sceptre C275W-1920RN is a thin, lightweight monitor that is sleek and elegant in design. This 27-inch curved monitor is a bezel-less from the top and sides while an inch-wide bezel is present at the bottom. 

It has a Full HD resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels with the refresh rate of 75Hz and 8ms response time. It means this is a solid choice for professionals and experts who make blueprints for buildings, bridges, and computer chips, etc

This monitor has IPS technology that is used to view the display of the screen with enhanced colors from different angles. However, Spectre C275W-1920RN got everything that is required for home and office use too. From the design to the image quality, also, nice-looking curved shape panel with an IPS technology.

I know, it doesn’t have a 4K resolution but Spectre is performing its best from other monitors in the market. However, there are multiple ports including HDMI and VGA ports that help you connect with different devices easily. With its circle-shaped stand, now it’s easy to tilt, change the height, and make other adjustments to the screen easily.


  • Screen size: 27-inch
  • Refresh Rate: 75 hertz
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Weight: 8.59 lbs
  • Response time: 8ms
  • Dimensions: 24.27 x 9.01 x 17.69 inches
  • Solid color accuracy
  • Curved design
  • Grayscale performance
  • Best value of money
  • Sleek
  • Lacks height
  • Swivel adjustment
  • The viewing-angle range could be better

3. LG 27UK850-W – Runner Up

LG 27UK850-W - Runner Up

LG 27UK850-W is a 27-inch monitor with an Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It is very popular among creating monitors, TV, etc. However, LG has also made this monitor for CAD work, photo editing, video editing, and other purposes. It has an IPS display with super-accurate colors that help to view the screen when viewing from off-angle.

Some advanced features this monitor has are Black Stabilizer and Dynamic Action Sync features. The first advance feature helps to reveal the dark scene details while the second advance features help in the smooth and fluid display. Not yet, there is a quick on-screen control that has all the essential monitor settings that can be easily accessed. 

This on-screen control helps in saving a lot of time that was wasted by pressing a hard button on the monitor before. LG 27UK860-W has an ultra-thin bezel that offers a borderless visual experience without distraction. It has a sleek design and comes with a refresh rate of 60Hz. Overall, the display is gorgeous and has an adjustable stand to tilt, pivot, and change height. 

However, this is the best monitor for CAD and at last, I would probably say you can use this monitor for high-end 4K gaming as well as you can extend this monitor for work by having multiple ports options such as HDMI, DP, USB-C, etc. This monitor also supports Chromecast and Amazon Fire to watch seasons, movies, on YouTube, Netflix and etc on the go.


  • Screen size: 27-inch
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Weight: 13.40 lbs
  • Response time: 5ms
  • Dimensions: 24.10 x 9.20 x 22.00 inches
  • Gorgeous design
  • Super easy setup
  • Versatile design
  • FreeSync compatible
  • Virtually borderless
  • Multiple ports
  • 4K resolution
  • Limited refresh rate
  • Pricey
  • Normal speakers

4. Samsung U28E590D – Best Monitor For CAD

Samsung U28E590D - Best Monitor For CAD

Samsung is a well-known worldwide company in the field of modern technology, so there is no need for any praises to mention you all know about the reliability of the Samsung products and their modern technology. 

When buying a monitor the first thing that comes to mind is the screen size and resolution, Samsung U28E590D has 28 inches 4K UHD LCD screen which makes it in the list of the best monitors for CAD. The screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 gives an extra keen look for the dimensions which you need to be accurate at because working on cad is all about precise dimensions. 

Response time is another feature through which you can enlist a monitor because working on CAD is worse on the monitors that are not good at response time, Samsung U28E590D has 1ms response time which makes this monitor worth buying.  It reduces image tearing at a dramatic rate.  

It has a 1 billion color detail which gives you extra coloring enhancement so you can even enjoy movies or games besides work. The pitch of pixels is 0.006 horizontally and 0.006 inch vertically which is very helpful for the user of CAD. It has a multitasking capability which is known as PIP so you can work both cad and CAD at the same time.


  • Screen size: 28 inches
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Weight: 11.6 lbs
  • Response time: 1 ms
  • Dimensions: 26.01 x 7.36 x 18.44 inches
  • Bright glowing quality of an image
  • 1 ms is a very good response time
  • AMD free sync
  • Design is only available in tilt
  • Not very wide viewing angles
  • Does not support HDCP 2.2

5. BenQ PD3200Q – Best Monitor For CAD

BenQ PD3200Q - Best Monitor For CAD

We are talking about the BenQ that is performing its best to produce the best monitors for CAD. The BenQ PD3200Q monitor has a great display, sharper image quality, and fantastic details that CAD requires. Yes, this 32-inch screen size monitor has a full HD display. To make the display more beautiful for professional architectural & technical design you need to activate the CAD/CAM mode

This mode limits exposure to blue light by correcting the colors. This is probably used when you’re working for long hours. For eye-conscious users, this monitor holds some eye-care technologies that they are looking for. However, these technologies are flicker-free technology that reduces eye-strain and low blue light technology. Not yet, this monitor allows you to change its height, view in any orientation, and even it has a tilt option.

Overall, this monitor will definitely serve your purpose and you’ll be happy to purchase it. Out of 5 about 4.5 have reviewed this monitor positively and are a die-heart fan of this monitor.

Below I have mentioned some specs of BenQ PD3200Q.


  • Screen size: 32-inch
  • Refresh Rate: 75 hertz
  • Resolution: 2560 × 1440 pixels
  • Weight: 27.56 lbs
  • Response time: 4ms
  • Dimensions: 8.40 x 29.10 x 19.20 inches
  • Best Colors
  • Crisp Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) picture
  • Robust feature set
  • Solid grayscale performance
  • Eye-care technologies
  • Expensive
  • Limited advanced color options
  • Awkward controller settings

6. BenQ PD2700Q – Best Monitor For CAD

BenQ is always working for our modern technological warfare. They have some quality products but this one is the masterpiece in my opinion, that is why it is in our list but as compared to others, it isn’t on the top because every product has its own type of flaws.

The screen size of the BenQ PD2700Q inches IPS display gives you a clear look at what you are doing on your monitor screen and makes work easier for CAD users. It gives you real-time display and enhances the display with the resolution of 2560*1440 of QHD resolution.

BenQ PD2700Q is made for accurate colors and angles for its professional users, as you are reading this article you are looking at the monitor for the best monitor for CAD so yes it is good for your work, it comes with an in-plane switching panel that gives you very wide viewing angles. CAD or CAM mode allows lines and shapes of technical illustration which will ensure you do not miss any type of detail.

Another feature is the dark mode which helps you to get a clear image with sharper details. There are different modes that help you in different ways like it has an animation mode through which details are enhanced in darker areas ao you can adjust anything without interrupting other areas that should not be changed.


  • Screen size: 27 inches
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Weight: 15.2 lbs
  • Response time: 4ms
  • Dimensions: 9.44 x 25.24 x 16.43 inches
  • Very wide viewing angles
  • Stand is adjustable
  • Picture presets are high
  • Stereo speakers are not good
  • Accurate coloring
  • Color settings are limited

7. Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX – Best Monitor For CAD

Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX - Best Monitor For CAD

This brand “Dell” is always working hard in every category of technology to gain the trust of its customers and users. Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX is a good monitor with the 4K display. With the resolution of QHD 2560 x 1440 pixels, you can view 2x times more details than a monitor that has a Full HD display. This 27-inch monitor has a stylish design with a thin profile of 6.5mm that makes it portable in any place and saves your valuable desk space. 

The technologies that reduce eye strain and provide eye comfort are installed in this monitor. These technologies are flicker-free technology and ComfortView that emit blue light and provide comfort for eyes. Not yet, this monitor is also certified with TUVi technologies. Dell Ultrasharp has an excellent cable management system that will help you focus on your work or project while hiding away cable clutter. 

You can maximize your productivity with this beautiful monitor that has the option to adjust the height, tilt, pivot, and swivel. Due to these options, you can change the display shape in horizontal and vertical shapes as you like. So, when you are working with CAD you can adjust the monitor screen according to your comfort. These options will make it easier for you to adjust the screen while keeping the riser in the same place.

Overall, this monitor is best for CAD and all uses other than gaming just because of it’s response time that is 8ms. However, this is not the response time that is recommended for gaming purposes. But it’s best for AutoCAD, graphic designing, and video editing.


  • Screen size: 27-inch
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Weight: 13.14 lbs
  • Response time: 8ms
  • Dimensions: 24.10 x 7.09 x 20.48 inches
  • Lots of adjustment options
  • Excellent cable management system
  • Durable built quality
  • Bright and sharp display
  • Slow response time
  • No USB-C support
  • No speakers

8. Philips Brilliance 329P9H – Best Monitor For CAD

Philips Brilliance 329P9H - Best Monitor For CAD

If you’re searching for a multi-purpose high-quality monitor to complete your architectural design on CAD or some other professional work then Philips Brilliance 329P9H comes at your service. Yes, this 32-inch monitor has a 4K display with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. 

Although this monitor is not as advanced as other monitors in the market, it has other features that you might like. However, this frameless LED monitor carries with those features that improve productivity. With IPS technology, this monitor serves amazing color accuracy to display images. 

On the other hand, this is an expensive monitor that is round about $732 on Amazon. Supporting different ports such as HDMI and USB-C provides ultimate and easy convenience for connectivity purposes. Not yet, there are other ports too that are also very useful. This monitor has built-in speakers and a webcam. 

There is another feature added in this monitor that is PowerSensor that saves up to 80% of energy costs while LightSensor perfects brightness with minimal power based on the environment. It has a response time of 5ms which means “quick response time” while the refresh rate of this monitor is 60Hz which is normal.

At last, this is an expensive monitor but as it is said: “You get what you pay for”. And, there are many interesting built-in features in this Philips Brilliance 329P9H that improve productivity and increase performance.


  • Screen size: 32-inch
  • Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Weight: 23.39 lbs
  • Response time: 5ms
  • Dimensions: 28.10 x 25.00 x 9.70 inches
  • Amazing panel
  • Strong all-round productivity
  • Best picture quality
  • Good webcam quality
  • No HDR support
  • Expensive

9. Samsung 34-Inch SJ55W – Best Ultrawide Monitor For AutoCad

Samsung 34-Inch SJ55W - Best Ultrawide Monitor For AutoCad

If you are looking for excellent quality, ultrawide best monitor for Autocad, then the Samsung SJ55W is the best option for you.

It provides you with excellent performance, and also with this monitor, you will get decent connectivity, including the one DisplayPort, 3.5mm audio connection, two HDMI ports, and AMD FreeSync support.

These features make this the best monitor for cad and a perfect option for everyday use like professional work, gaming, or watching movies.

However, it comes with a 4ms response time, and this thing makes it a perfect monitor for heavy work and gaming.

Other than this, the Samsung 34-Inch SJ55W best monitor for SketchUp offers you the split-screen functionality and also the 8-bit color depth, and the very excellent 3000:1 contrast ratio feature is included in this monitor.

If we talk about this monitor’s other qualities, then it provides the 178° viewing angles, 75Hz refresh rate, and 300 nits of brightness; all these things make this a precious product.

The performance section always gives you crisp images with excellent details; overall, it is the perfect option for casual working or regular gaming.


  • Screen size: 34-inch
  • Resolution: 3440 X 1440 pixels
  • Weight: 15.21 lbs
  • Refresh rate: 75Hz
  • Response time: 4ms
  • Dimensions: 9.55 x 32.60 x 18.53 inches
  • Affordable price
  • Offers you a high contrast ratio and crisp image quality
  • AMD FrreSync feature is present
  • Too much screen space
  • FreeSync range too low
  • Not best for the heavy gaming

10. LG 34UC80-B – Best Curved Ultra-Wide Monitor For Cad

LG 34UC80-B - Best Curved Ultra-Wide Monitor For Cad

If you are searching for a beautiful design monitor that comes with a slim frame and provides you with sharp images, even you will see the smallest detail; then, the LG 34UC80-B 34-Inch is the perfect option for you.

This best monitor for SolidWorks comes with a resolution of 3440 x 1440, and it also can be used over 99% of the sRGB spectrum.

Just because of all these features, the LG 34UC80-B becomes the best monitor for cad and the perfect 34-inch ultra-wide monitor for those who work with different types of images like graphic designers or professional photographers.

However, this best 4K card monitor is specially designed for multitasking, and it provides you with effortless access with the On-Screen Control and LG Screen Split.

Although this monitor becomes an excellent gaming display, you can also use it in the professional environment where you need to work with multiple windows.


  • Screen size: 34-inch
  • Resolution: 3440 X 1440 pixels
  • Weight: 18.30 lbs
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Response time: 5ms
  • Dimensions: 32.20 x 9.90 x 22.40 inches
  • The perfect option for the office use
  • The gaming mode is present.
  • Comes with the beautiful design
  • Very easy to access the ports
  • Ports are easy to access
  • Some issues are present with the pixel crispness.
  • According to users, its screen split feature creates issues.

Best Monitors For CAD – The Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing anything means that investing in your work for the future. So, necessary precautions and measures should be taken before investing in something. As we all know, we are talking about the best monitor for CAD, so I’ve created a brief definitive guide for all those professionals and CAD users. This guide will help you buy the most suitable monitor for you and will make your investment permissible for the long term.

So, keep reading the guide if you wanna buy the best monitor for yourself if you’re a CAD professional. There are some key features that you must know:

Screen Size:

The screen size depends on how much budget you have but if you’re looking for CAD or other designing purposes then you should probably look for the bigger screen. The bigger screen would provide enough space to display your designs on the screen. Monitor with the screen size of 22 inches to 30+ inches would be the best choice for CAD purposes. Make sure that your monitor screen size should not be less than 22-inch. Monitors that are above 22-inch are suitable for all designing purposes.


The basic resolution requirement for designers and CAD professionals are 1920 x 1080 pixels. As monitors of this resolution are known as 1080p monitors. This resolution would be suitable for the monitors of 22 to 25 inches and offers a great picture quality. But if you have the monitor of a bigger size than you should look for the monitor with the resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Pixel Density:

If you don’t know what pixel density is then let me tell you in the simple words: Pixel density is the number of pixels present on every inch of the display and is also denoted PPI. PPI stands for (Pixel Per Inch). When choosing a monitor for CAD and other designing purposes you should look for the monitor with higher pixel density because the larger the pixel density, the sharper image you will see.

Response Time:

As with the term “response time” it is clearly described as the time of response. In other words, response time refers to how much time the monitor takes to respond back when a button is clicked from the keyboard or mouse. The lower the amount of time is the quicker the device will respond back to us. In general, 5-7ms response time is ideal to look for. While there are some monitors that have 1ms response time. But the ideal response time will be suitable and maintains balance between price and quality.

Contrast Ratio:

The ratio between the luminance of the brightest white and the darkest black is known as contrast ratio. Higher contrast ratio will make a huge difference in overall picture quality. However, for CAD professionals the contrast ratio should vary from 1000:1 to 3000:1. If you see any monitor with contrast ratio more than 3000:1, don’t believe in that, because it’s just for marketing purposes.


There are some features that you should look for when buying a monitor for CAD. These features are an option to tilt, and change height, eye-care technologies, and viewing angle. Because the option to tilt and change the height will make you more comfortable while working and the viewing angle will make the image quality better when viewing from different angles.


As for the price, there is no limit, monitors for CAD start from $100 to $1000. But as we all know that we get what we pay for. If you want to buy a monitor for $100 you have to compromise on different features that are important for CAD. As vice versa, if you have a $1000 monitor for CAD, you would get amazing features that will make your work more easy and reliable.

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