10 Best Vertical Monitors In 2021


Hey, If you’re searching for the best vertical monitor out there then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, I will tell you about the vertical screen monitors. Normal PC screen is in landscape mode but they are old fashion monitors. Now the use of vertical monitors is increasing day by day, vertical screens may seem like a pointless creation that is too off-kilter to even consider serving any significant reason, yet they are definitely not.

They are ordinary scene screens that can be contorted on a turn to fill in as the scene shows. This promptly opens up a variety of tasks that you can perform with more productivity. Vertical monitors are more flexible than ordinary monitors and similarly as great. They have more resolution as compared to other monitors.

Essentially, individuals who need to alter photographs or videos on the screen in a representation direction likewise need the best vertical monitors. If you are a programmer these vertical screens are best for coding. Because It can show more code lines at the same time. The bigger the number of lines the quicker the work would be finished. These monitors can also be used for gaming. For professional gamers, it would be used for other web pages just like going live while playing a game.

That is the reason I have made the list of the best vertical monitors of 2021. In the wake of investigating on the web and going through hours testing these representation screens, I have made a comprehensive guide that will help you in buying the best vertical monitor.

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10 Best Vertical Monitors In 2021:

Let’s get started with our top pick.

1. ASUS VN279QL – Top Pick


If we talk about the best vertical monitor, then the Asus VN279QL is one of the best monitors. It is a 27 inch LED monitor that comes with a resolution of 1920×1080 VA panel. The response you can get from this monitor is 4MS and 60Hz that’s why this best vertical monitor 2021 is the best option for moderate gaming but ideal for professional use.

If we talk about the connectivity option, then this monitor provides you with HDMI and D-sub ports. The most interesting about this best vertical monitor for streaming is adjustability, which means you have the opportunity to use this monitor in both portrait and landscape mode.

You can also adjust the height of this monitor according to your needs and requirements. If you are a streamer or coder and need to set up multiple monitors together, then ASUS VN279QL is the best vertical monitor for coding just because of its slim bezels.

The other fantastic feature of this best vertical monitor is a VESA mount. You can easily set up this monitor on the walls. You don’t have to buy the speakers because this monitor comes with built-in speakers to consume the media. However, design-wise, the Asus VN279QL best vertical monitor 2021 is very appropriate, which means you can easily switch and tilt this monitor.

What did I like about the product?

The main thing I like about the ASUS VN279QL is its thin bezels, and you can use them for multi-tasking, most people like these thin bezels.

What don’t I like about the product?

I don’t like the quality of control because the control quality of this monitor is not promising.


Screen size: 27 inches
Resolution: Full HD 1920×1080 pixels
Weight: 13.45 pounds
Dimensions: 28.15 x 7.88 x 17.68 inches
Ports: HDMI/MHL, D-Sub, DisplayPort

  • It is compatible with the VESA mount.
  • It is a multi-purpose monitor.
  • It comes with an ergonomic design.
  • Built-in speakers
  • FreeSync support is not present.

2. HP VH240a – Editor’s Choice


HP is no stranger to the computer and monitor business, and it’s no surprise they are offering too many outstanding features. This best vertical monitor HP VH240a is a smaller 23.8-inch monitor with a 1080p resolution and a response time of 5ms, which is slightly below average compared to other 1080p monitors in this segment.

With a 60Hz refresh rate, it might not compare to dedicated gaming monitors, but it will still get the job done for most purposes. If we talk about this best vertical monitor 2021 design, then it comes with a slim bezel-less frame. This virtually frameless monitor provides you the opportunity to create a multi-monitor setup with narrow three-sided bezels.

This monitor’s most notable features are 4-way viewing, which means 90° rotations for the vertical and horizontal viewing modes, you can easily adjust the height and tilt it from -5° to 30°. For the best quality from any angle, the 178° positional viewing is present. This best vertical monitor for coding comes with HDMI, VGA, and HDCP ports, giving you a wide range of connectivity options.

It has a durable and robust design, allowing it to be placed on any flat surface. The accompanying stand also allows viewing angles to be adjusted according to user preferences. It supports the VESA mounting. You can easily mount the monitor on the walls with a 100m VESA mounting pattern.

This best vertical monitor also comes with built-in speakers, which is in line with most of the monitors sold on the market today. While this certainly isn’t the best monitor you can get today, this offering from HP can undoubtedly help you save a few bucks.

What I like about this product?

I like its thin bezels, and you can easily control most of the settings like brightness and many more.

What I don’t like about this product?

The built-in speakers that I don’t like about this monitor because these speakers’ sound is so horrible.


Screen size: 23.8 inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Weight: 10.00 pounds
Dimensions: 8.60 x 21.20 x 19.70 inches
Ports: VGA and HDMI with HDCP support for laptop or multi-monitor setups. Includes: AC power cord and CD

  • It comes with a 60Hz refresh rate.
  • The response time of this monitor is 5MS.
  • Vesa mount support
  • The USB and display ports are missing

3. Dell Ultra-Sharp U2414H – Runner Up


The Dell Ultra-Sharp U2414H monitor is a 23.8-inch monitor that offers excellent features for people who want to use it for work, as it provides a good color gamut and right viewing angles. Dell is very sensitive about its devices’ design, and the Dell UltraSharp U2414H best vertical monitor is no exception. It has an excellent appearance thanks to its “frameless” body and thin, graceful leg.

The design uses a combination of black and silver with a practical matte finish. There are also no complaints about build quality. It is also possible to rotate the monitor 6.5 degrees forward and 22 degrees backward. As for the stability of the tested novelty, there were no complaints either.

Note that there is metal under the legs’ plastic and stand of this best vertical monitor 2021. The swivel joint is also made from this material, so you don’t have to worry about its reliability. However, its response time exceeds 8 MS, so it is not a suitable monitor for gaming. On the other hand, it is enough to watch audiovisual content, regardless of its type, since it plays up to Full HD.

When it comes to connectivity, it is quite complete. There are 3 USB ports, two HDMI, one full-sized DisplayPort, and its compact Mini DisplayPort version. All graphic interfaces support 1920 x 1080 resolution at 60 Hz. HDMI ports conform to the MHL standard, allowing you to connect compatible smartphones and tablets to the Dell UltraSharp U2414H while using the monitor to display stored content.

We also note the presence of a DisplayPort Out interface and an audio output for connecting external speakers. In general, it offers a reasonably acceptable value for money, although it is a fundamental product. The only con of this best vertical monitor for streaming is that the speakers are not integrated, so you will have to use peripherals, which means taking up more space around them.

If you don’t have a budget to buy the large screen monitor, then in this situation, the Dell UltraSharp U2414H is the best option both for gamers and for that person who needs a computer for other tasks like photo editing.

What I like about this product?

I like so much about this monitor. It provides you the excellent colors. If you are a media consumer, it is the best option.

What I don’t like about this product?

Everything is perfect, but this monitor is not for fast gaming like shooters.


Screen size: 23.8 inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Weight: 7.95 pounds
Dimensions: 7.28 x 21.23 x 19.12 inches
Ports: HDMI, DisplayPort, mini-DisplayPort

  • It comes with a 60Hz display.
  • Its IPS panel provides you the right colors from every angle.
  • You can easily adjust the monitor height
  • It doesn’t have built-in speakers

4. Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q – Best Vertical Monitor


Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q - Best Vertical Monitor

Dell U2718Q is a spectacular model that combines ultra-ergonomics, stylish design, and acceptable dimensions. The screen of this best vertical monitor is designed for multitasking, which means that the owner can use the device to perform several actions at the same time quickly, efficiently, understandably.

The 27 “screen of the Dell UltraSharp U2718Q monitor has an impressive resolution of 3840×2160. Add to this the four-sided bezel-less design, and you get the feeling of the most up-close, three-dimensional, vivid image. So whether you are browsing multimedia, playing games, or solving work tasks, everything will be for you to enjoy.

This display’s main feature is vibrant, rich colors powered by InfinityEdge and Dell HDR technologies, 99.9% color gamut, high contrast, stylish design, and ergonomic design are what you get with the Dell UltraSharp U2718Q. Simultaneously, a good 27 “4K monitor from the specified manufacturer attracts excellent color reproduction on an almost borderless screen.

The realistic picture is achieved due to the depth of 1 billion colors, UltraSharp technology with calibration, and coverage with 99.9% coverage of the sRGB color space. The display is excellent for viewing content and complies with the HDR10 specification. So, to achieve maximum comfort when working with this best vertical monitor, you can change its angle or adjust its height. For convenience, there is a 4-port USB hub.

On this screen, the photos are practically indistinguishable from reality. Customer comments indicate that even prolonged tasks do not interfere with comfort. No wonder the monitor is TUV4 certified. However, the assembly seems not the most expensive.

What I like about this product?

The thing that I like so much about this product is its beautiful display.

What I don’t like about this product?

Its response time is prolonged, and this thing that I don’t like about this monitor.


Screen size: 27 inches
Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
Weight: 13.79 pounds
Dimensions: 24.07 x 7.89 x 21.27 inches
Ports: Connect up to six compatible RF devices or Bluetooth 4.0 through Dell Universal Pairing

  • The formation of a realistic image
  • Unique intuitive interface
  • Work in energy-saving mode
  • Informative operating instructions
  • Built-in power supply.
  • Inconvenient color temperature settings
  • Only one port for connecting external storage media

5. Acer CB272 – Best Vertical Monitor


Acer CB272 - Best Vertical Monitor

The Acer CB272 is an affordable best vertical monitor with all the features that an average person wants in a vertical monitor. This vertical monitor comes with 27 inches Full HD IPS display 75Hz refresh rate and covers 98% of the color gamut that supports the 8-bit color depth. If we talk about color accuracy, then it is decent, but this IPS panel provides you with excellent color quality and viewing angles compared to other IPS panels.

It is the best option for gaming, watching movies, and consuming other media. The brightness nits you get from this monitor are 250, and I think it is more than enough. It comes with a simple and zero frames design, the black cabinet of this best vertical monitor has a matte finish and helps you clean it easily. Overall, this monitor’s build quality is decent. The plastic is very durable and is made up of high quality.

However, this monitor’s stand is fully ergonomic. You have the opportunity to tilt it, adjust the height, swivel it, and pivot this monitor at 90 degrees. The other feature is VESA compatible, you can easily mount it on the wall where you want. If we talk about the connectivity options, then it includes HDMI 1.4x, DisplayPort 1.2 x 1, 3.5mm headphone jack.

What I like about this product?

I like its zero-frame design. Now, in 2021, everyone wants a zero-frame monitor for gaming and consuming media.

What I don’t like about this product?

This monitor doesn’t include a USB port and speakers. We all know that both these things are the need of every person.


Screen size: 27 inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Weight: 16.22 pounds
Dimensions: 24.50 x 9.20 x 20.80 inches
Ports: 1 x display port, 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, 1 x audio-in & 1 x audio-out (VGA & audio cable included)

  • Provide fantastically performance
  • It comes with a 75Hz refresh rate.
  • Zero frames design
  • FreeSync
  • Excellent image quality
  • Affordable price
  • Not comes with the highest resolution.

6. Dell P2419H – Best Vertical Monitor


Dell P2419H - Best Vertical Monitor

Dell P2419H is a severe and homogeneous screen in its price. The Dell P2419H is a relatively expensive monitor considering it’s a classic 24-inch model. It stands out from the crowd by offering us excellent ergonomics and image quality, which is very interesting for photography enthusiasts.

The Dell P2419H best vertical monitor comes with an elegant black casing with a stable high stand. There is a matte and vision-protecting coating. Comfortable operation is facilitated by the presence of an elegant three-sided design and the ability to adjust the stand-by tilt, height, or rotation.

The reliable 24-inch Dell P2419H best vertical monitor 2021 display lets you enjoy image quality thanks to its LED-backlit IPS-matrix, 1920×1080 resolution, and 93 PPI density. This 24-inch IPS panel achieves one of the highest contrast ratios (1200: 1) that can be achieved with this technology, resulting in relatively deep blacks, except when working in dim light.

When shipped from the factory, this screen displays a rich and intense color palette with 97% coverage of the sRGB color space, but still too imprecise. It is more than necessary to use a colorimetric probe to obtain an optimal result after calibration. Once this operation is carried out, it is clear that the result exceeds our expectations for a screen at this price, the panel is homogeneous. Apart from that, the Dell P2419H best vertical monitor for streaming demonstrates resolutely high-end ergonomics.

The screen indeed has a pivot function and therefore allows portrait mode. Its stand is removable and offers height adjustment. The screen is tillable forwards and backward and is also compatible with VESA mounts. 100mm. Finally, this version has a hub made up of 4 USB 3.0 ports, perfect for working with a laptop.

What I like about this product?

I like this monitor’s bright display with the anti-glare finish. You can easily use this for long hours.

What I don’t like about this product?

This monitor doesn’t have any slots for soundbars.


Screen size: 24 inch
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Weight: 7.19 pounds
Dimensions: 21.27 x 6.54 x 14.02 inches
Ports: power connector, HDMI port, stand lock feature, DisplayPort, VGA connector, USB upstream port, USB downstream ports, USB downstream ports, power cable, DisplayPort cable, USB 3.0 upstream cable

  • Satisfactory image quality
  • Ergonomics and finishes
  • USB / USB-C hub
  • Requires calibration
  • No speakers

7. BenQ PD2500Q – Best Vertical Monitor


BenQ PD2500Q - Best Vertical Monitor

The BenQ PD2500Q best vertical monitor is a functional device that meets the needs of accountants, designers, and users of other professions who work in complex applications that require high output and power of the device. It has an ambient light sensor, a rigid black body with an ergonomic stand, a standard color gamut, and an excellent factory setting.

This best vertical monitor 2021 is designed without a frame, designed for professionals working with graphics and needing a quality work tool. A highly sensitive IPS matrix with a high resolution is built inside. In addition to a wide color range, the device equipped with high-precision factory calibration and multiple preset modes

However, the 25″ display guarantees crisp images from any angle thanks to its 2560×1440 resolution, aided by IPS technology. Robust programs are comfortably responsive with a 60Hz polling rate and 4ms response time. The BenQ PD2500Q best vertical monitor for coding is factory calibrated to ensure accurate image reproduction down to detail.

The monitor’s ability to guarantee realistic and accurate color reproduction contributes to professionals’ comfortable work who deal with images. The model’s peculiarity is support for adjusting the display position: it can be installed in portrait mode by rotating it 90 degrees. The model supports a multi-monitor configuration to expand the boundaries of creative space.

The model is equipped with a pair of built-in speakers and a USB hub to simplify daily operation. This best vertical monitor is well thought out and assembled with high quality. Therefore, it is suitable for those who value simplicity and reliability.

What I like about this product?

The best option for gaming is just because its refresh rate is 60Hz but 70Hz at 720p.

What I don’t like about this product?

Around 25% of the screen is darker, which I don’t like about this monitor.


Screen size: 25 inch
Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels
Weight: 15.87 pounds
Dimensions: 22.40 x 9.40 x 20.90 inches
Ports: Universal HDMI, DisplayPort Mini, DisplayPort, USB 3.1

  • It comes with plenty of features.
  • Rich connectivity options
  • Minimalistic design
  • It comes with the three-year warranty
  • Built-in speakers are feeble.

8. LG 27GL83A-B – Best Vertical Monitor


LG 27GL83A-B - Best Vertical Monitor

The LG 27GL83A-B Ultra Gear Gaming Monitor lets you experience the thrill of an immersive virtual world adventure. The 99% IPS display of this best vertical monitor has exceptional color and visual fidelity, and the wide viewing angle makes the battle scene more spectacular.

The responsiveness is 1ms on the ultra-precise Nano IPS display, ensuring you win without unnecessary side effects. One of their Adaptive-Sync technologies (FreeSync) eliminates almost all imperfections and interference in the image and also gives gamers smooth movement at locations with high resolution and without gaps.

The ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rate of this best vertical monitor for streaming allows you to switch scenes in a second, and the gameplay looks more precise and more realistic. By adjusting the screen’s position, you can make the tilt, height, and orientation of the display more convenient for you.

Adjusting position will significantly improve the gaming environment’s overall perception and help not be distracted by external factors. Eye protection technology can help prevent eye strain. This best vertical monitor also comes with some extra features, like an additional Black Stabilizer feature, and also provides you the virtual crosshair to any game.

Other than this, you can easily control the menu with the help of a joystick-style button that is present below the LG logo. The plus point is its wide viewing angles, and because of this, the image stays very accurate on the sides it doesn’t matter you are sitting in front of this monitor or not.

However, this monitor is the best option for media creation. This monitor’s immense size and high resolution allow you to see more about your project on the screen. But yes, this best vertical monitor will take some time to set into your ideal position. When you put it successfully, you will get a responsive monitor.

What I like about this product?

The response time and refresh rate are just amazing. If you are a gamer, then you can go for it.

What I don’t like about this product?

USB ports are not present, and we know that nowadays, everyone needs this.


Screen size: 27 inch
Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels
Weight: 13.45 pounds
Dimensions: 10.80 x 24.20 x 22.60 inches
Ports: 2 x HDMI, DisplayPort, headphone jack

  • Provide excellent response time
  • It is G-Sync compatible.
  • Excellent low input lag
  • The contrast ratio is low.

9. ASUS PA248QV ProArt Display – Best Vertical Monitor


ASUS PA248QV ProArt Display - Best Vertical Monitor

The 24.1-inch ASUS ProArt Display PA248QV has been specially designed for graphics applications. For this, the developers have provided for maximum brightness, realistic color reproduction, accurate calibration so that color deviations are minimal.

The professional monitor Asus PA248Q has a diagonal of 24 “, an aspect ratio of 16:10, and excellent color reproduction. The bezel around the display is skinny, so it does not load up any space while doing graphics work and is convenient when creating multi-monitor configurations.

The legs of this “best vertical monitor” have a broad base to fix the secure position of the structure. The presence of a backlight, thanks to the built-in white LEDs, an IPS matrix type, a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels, and a short pixel response time of 6 MS, ensure a high-quality image on the screen.

Rich choice of interfaces: Display Port, HDMI, D-Sub (VGA), DVI, and audio output, there is a USB hub and four USB ports. The Asus PA248Q best vertical monitor 2021, despite its size, weighs only 6.4 kg, which is relatively small for this type of monitor.

The stand’s lifting mechanism allows you to adjust the desired height, and the monitor can also be suspended from the VESA bracket. The stand is easily dismantled. A movable center column achieves horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 178 degrees.

Changing the monitor’s position is smooth and comfortable due to the absence of backlash and low weight. The classic design in a matte black body with square corners looks very stylish and relevant.

What I like about this product?

The thing I like about this monitor is its price. It comes with affordable price features.

What I don’t like about this product?

Color reproduction is not good enough. Yes, it could be better than this.


Screen size: 24.1 inch
Resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixels
Weight: 8.60 pounds
Dimensions: 22.55 x 18.66 x 7.56 inches
Ports: Extensive connectivity with DisplayPort, HDMI, D-sub, Audio in, Earphone jack plus four USB 3. 0 ports for the most flexibility

  • Height adjustable screen.
  • It comes with multiple connectivity options.
  • Flexible stand
  • It doesn’t have flicker-free technology.

10. BenQ PD2700Q – Best Vertical Monitor


BenQ PD2700Q - Best Vertical Monitor

BenQ PD2700Q 27-inch or 69 cm best vertical monitor features an original 3-frame design and a standard black color scheme. The device carries out front processing of the photo and can work in portrait mode (with image rotation by 90 °). With a 2560×1440 screen resolution combined with a 1000: 1 contrast ratio, the image quality is superb.

Separately, it is worth noting that the manufacturer used technologies that take care of the user’s vision and the AH-IPS matrix type. The colossal size of the visible area of ​​the screen (597×336 mm) is combed with the horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 178 °. This allows you to watch what is happening on the screen from any side. The model has a picture-in-picture function and a 100% sRGB color gamut.

When buying such a tool, the last thing they pay attention to is the appearance, so everything is reliable and straightforward. The body is made of durable matte plastic, thick bezels, a stable metal stand. You can adjust the center column in height by 13.5 cm, rotate the screen left and right 45 degrees, and tilt forward five and back 20 degrees.

The swivel stands of this vertical monitor and the ability to adjust the angle and height of the BenQ PD2700Q monitor are designed for ease of use. There is a USB hub with 2 USB 3.0 ports and a card reader for SD and Memory Stick cards on the left side.

There are four digital inputs for connecting to a computer: DVI-D, HDMI, and two display ports, one full-sized, the other in a mini version. A connection through one of the DP connectors and a professional graphics card are required for the 10-bit of work.

What I like about this product?

I like most of its integrated speakers. You don’t need to buy separate speakers.

What I don’t like about this product?

Its 4MS response time is not good because it can cause ghosting at the time of playing games.


Screen size: 27 inch
Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels
Weight: 15.20 pounds
Dimensions: 9.44 x 25.24 x 16.43 inches
Ports: HDMI (v1.4)x1, DisplayPort, DisplayPort (v1.2) x1, MiniDisplayPort (ver1.2)x1, USB 2.0 Hub, USB Downstream x 2, USB 2.0 Hub, USB Upstream x 1, Built-in speaker: 1Wx2, Headphone jack: Yes

  • Excellent viewing angle performance
  • Adjustable stand
  • Excellent build quality
  • Input lag

The Definitive Buyer’s Guide – Best Vertical Monitors In 2021:

  1. Screen Size
  2. Resolution
  3. Pixel Density
  4. Response Time
  5. Contrast Ratio
  6. Features
  7. Price

Screen Size:

Screen size affects the price of monitors. Yet, in the event that you need the best item, you need to burn through cash on the best item. Vertical monitors are in different Sizes approx. 16 inches to 27 inches. The size of the screen depends upon the way you use these monitors. These monitors are most commonly used in gaming and Coding.

If you are a professional gamer then the bigger the screen the more it gives better resolution. These monitors are also used in coding i.e. for programmers. For programming, you can use a 17 to 23-inch screen normally. Since the Vertical screen can show more lines of codes than a common screen.


The better the screen resolution the smoother it will perform. The smoothness of a monitor depends upon its screen resolution and refresh rate. The normal vertical screen size is almost 19 to 24 inches. So for a 19-inch screen resolution is about 1440 x 900. You have to choose the best screen resolution whether you choose for gaming or coding. Since the better, the screen resolution the screen will play out its best.

Pixel Density:

If you want these monitors for gaming and editing videos or photos you should choose the screen with the best pixel density and frame rate. The higher the PPI (Pixel per Inch) the smoother and clear the screen would be. It would give you better fonts, clear images, and higher efficiency.

The gaming depends upon the chipset as well as the pixel density and the resolution of the monitors. If all these things are perfect your gaming experience will be better than expected.

Response Time:

Actually, Response time is the time in which your monitor shifts color from one to another. For example; how long monitor takes to shift a pixel from green to red. A typical monitor has a response time of fewer than 10 milliseconds. Therefore, it ought to be extremely quick so you don’t perceive any lag. Response time affects the price, efficiency, and smoothness of your monitor. Since the best screen gives the best impression.

Contrast Ratio:

Basically, The Contrast Ratio is the ratio between the luminance of the most splendid white and the haziest dark that a screen can deliver. A higher contrast ratio is better than a lower contrast ratio because it is much safer for our eyes. A higher contrast ratio gives a better quality of the picture.

In case that you are utilizing these vertical screens for gaming then you ought to pick high contrast ratio. Actually, High contrast ratio is not only good for gaming but it is also good for movies, photo/video editing, etc. So I would suggest choosing high contrast ratio for your monitor.


The main feature of these vertical monitors is that it is way easier to read/write code. Hence, these monitor gives you a more reliable screen, better portrait LED display, and long life. It also supports HDMI, DisplayPort, and D-sub for gaming and other use.


The cost relies on every one of these focuses that I have advised you above. Cost may place trouble in your pocket however I guarantee you that in the event that you pay for the best item then that item will pay you for quite a while.


I have completed my promise of giving you the list of the best vertical monitors. Now you can purchase any of the monitors which match your requirements and budget.

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