GTX 1660 ti vs RTX 2060 Laptops | Laptop Comparison

GTX 1660 ti vs 2060 laptop

In modern days, all the users are searching for two GPUs that are the opposite spot of the hierarchy for the whole family. At the start, I would like to explain some crucial information. I am going to compare the GTX 1660 ti vs RTX 2060 laptop.

We know that the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti happens in the shape of the flagship of the GTX graphics cards. On the other side, the RTX 1660 looks like an underdog in the Ray tracing. It is the reason to pick a champion if we do not have any information about the ray-tracing capabilities.

GTX 1660 ti vs RTX 2060 Laptops Overview

If we see the specification of the two devices, then there is a lot of difference in GTX 1660 Ti and RTX 2060. With Nividia s N18E- GX turning architecture, the GTX 1660 Ti has an N18E-GO core. Whereas the RTX 2060 is also another tool with the N18E-GI. There major difference between the two devices is the CUDAS cores – 1536 versus 1920.

The former has a low TPD, like 80W, compared with the 90W of the latter. Do not forget to add the GTX 1660 Ti works at a base frequency of 1455 MHz. The quality of 1660 vs 2060 is different from each other. You can boost it to 1580 Hz. we also know that the RTX 2060 is lower than the 960 – 1200 MHz, respectively.

Suppose we see the memory in both the features, then the 6 GN of GDDR6 VRAM, built across a 192- bit bus. No doubt, the higher memory frequency of RTX 2060 created a higher bandwidth. You can compare anything without any hurdle.

What is the reason to purchase NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti (Laptop)

  1. The video recorder in the device launched three months.
  2. The speed of the core clock increased to 7%. It raised to 1455 from 1365. 
  3. In the GFXBench 4.0 – Manhattan (Frames) also grew two times.
  4. The FPS (Manhattan) performance presented to 2x better than the past. The makers grew it from 7430 to 8054.
  5. The T-Rex Frames performance also enhanced 20%. It jumped to 8054 from 6720.
  6. T – Rex (FPS) GFX Bench 4.0 also posted to 8054 from 6720.

These are the significant difference to attract the viewers towards it. No doubt, there are many several features, but the above six reasons are enough to buy it.

What is the reason to Buy NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060?

After searching, I have found these significant differences to tell the viewers. I think all the given points will be enough to satisfy the mind of users in the entire world. 

  1. The clock speed raised to 1680 from1590. It means the makers enhanced the speed up to 6%.
  2. The pipelines are also higher, 25% than in the past. It is 1920 rather than 1636.
  3. The clock speed memory is 14000 instead of 12000. It increased to 2000 MHz than the latest.
  4. Pass Mark performance G2D Mark is 48% better than the last amount.
  5. The Pass Mark G3D Mark is 36% higher. It is 13878 from 10176.
  6. The graphic score is 7592 from 5633. It was a significant change by the makers of NIVIDA GeForce RTX 2060.
  7. The performance of Car Screen Off Frames is 200094 from 16828. it is an incredible feature now.
  8. I have checked that the GFXBench 4.0 Car chase offscreen (Fps) is 20094 versus the 16828. It is 20% better than in the past. 

All the above eight major points will clear the mind of users. According to the latest updates, I have never seen such a noticeable change in any device of NVIDIA.


I have checked the different versions of the games. The Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested in all kinds of setup, but Gtx 1660 created good results. No doubt 2060 picked 5% more reliable performance than the other. We have seen that the result will not change in settings also.


It was an awful result in the game of control. We have tested the game on both kinds of laptops. But we picked a decent result on the 2060 laptop. I have checked that the 12% result was faster than the other. You may also check the results of different games.

Gosht Recon Breakpoint

According to the performance of the two kinds of laptops, then 2060 always proved good than the 1660 laptop. It enhanced the features of the game all the time. The GTX 2-60 has increased the performance to 4% as compared to the others. Do not forget to check the 1660 ti mobile vs 2060 mobile. All the users of games want to see the maximum speed of the laptop. So, the specifications played a vital role here.

Borderland 3

Borderland game 3 is one of the best games in the world. All the laptops will not handle this game. You need to check the settings on laptops. So, the RTX 2060 has increased its performance to 9% more than usual. There is a wide gap between the two laptops.

Call of Duty

We have tested this game in both modes. The campaign mode is more valuable than the other. We failed to find any good result from the GTX 1660 ti result. There is a difference in the smaller side, not the bigger one. So, the 5% difference is enough to join the RTX 2060 laptop than the other. Call of duty is the only game that is praised everywhere in the world. Your setting must have the feature of a 4 FPS boost.

Final Words

I have seen that all the differences are enough to create the outcome for you. The question is that “Is Gtx 1660 ti better than RTX 2060?”. So the simple answer is, I favor RTX 2060, but we cannot deny the importance of other laptops. You need to go to the setting to check the specifications. Do not hurry while purchasing a laptop of these kinds. There is a huge series, but RTX 2060 is the only best to play all kinds of games nowadays. You may check the difference between them.

At last, I would like to request to see the significant changes in both the devices for better results. I tried my best to conclude the important alter in the above. All the data have been taken from official sources. There is not any change in the values.  You may compare the deals to any official spots.

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