How to Connect Jabra Headphones (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Connect Jabra Headphones

Here in this post, I am going to discuss how to connect Jabra headphones with different devices. So, without waiting any further, let’s start:

Bluetooth headsets make it easy for you to multitask and connect with your customers, clients, and business partners. The hands-free function allows you to create documents, check inventory, and write freely while you are using your phone. It also makes it easier for you to join conference calls or have conversations with customers and prospects as you move around the airport or from room to room.

When you pair a Jabra Bluetooth headset with your device, you get that freedom in minutes. Here in this post, I am going to discuss how to connect Jabra headphones with different devices. So, without waiting any further, let’s start.

Jabra offers a wide variety of headphones, earbuds, and headsets, and the Bluetooth pairing process will vary depending on the type of product you have. So, if you’re having trouble connecting your Jabra device to Bluetooth, here’s what to do:

  • Put your Jabra device into pairing mode (see special instructions below)
  • Find your Jabra device on your phone or laptop and pair it
  • Confirm successful pairing
  • Troubleshoot your Bluetooth connection.

How to Enable Pair Mode on Jabra Bluetooth Earphones

  • Turn off the headphones. The Jabra headphone can be turned off by holding down the multifunction button on the side or by pressing the volume down button on the left handset. You can also turn it off automatically by placing it in the charging case.
  • Press and hold the multifunction button on the left and right headphones for five seconds or until the Bluetooth LED flashes and the headset warns that the headset is in pairing mode. When the headphones are on, the LED flashes green, and when it is turned off the LED flashes red.

Pair Jabra Earphones with Your Laptop

Following are the steps for how to Connect Jabra Headphones to laptop:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth function on the headset and laptop
  • To turn on Bluetooth on your computer: Open the Settings application on the Windows desktop. In the list of settings that appears, click Devices. In the visible options, click Bluetooth and other apps, and then switch to Bluetooth. Use the Add Bluetooth or Other Device button to add a new device to your Bluetooth device. Select a headset from the list of available options.
  • Jabra headphone model will now be visible in the “Bluetooth and other devices” window.
  • Pairing confirmation: If pairing is successful, the LED light on the headphone will stop flashing.

Troubleshooting in Case of Unsuccessful Pairing

The headset may not pair with the laptop in some situations. To fix this problem, clear the list of paired devices on the laptop and start the process again. If you are still having problems connecting the Elite 56t Jabra headphone to your laptop, please clear the DNS cache. You can clear the cache by searching for “cmd” in the Windows search bar and selecting the command line option. Once the command prompt appears, enter the following command: IPconfig /flushdns

The message “DNS resolver cache cleared successfully” will appear in the command prompt window.

Once the Jabra headset is connected to your laptop, the two will stay connected as long as they are close together and Bluetooth is enabled for both devices. As soon as the headset is stored in the charging case, the connection is lost. Next time they are used, they must be turned on with the multifunction button, after which they will automatically connect to your computer.

How To Connect Jabra Device on Your Phone or Laptop and Pair Them


Go to Settings and enable Bluetooth. In Bluetooth, click Pair New Device. When your Jabra headphones or headset appear in the list, tap on them and they will be paired with your phone.


In order to connect Jabra Headphones to iPhone, go to Settings and then to Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth. Find your Jabra device under OTHER DEVICES and tap to connect it.


On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Bluetooth. Select your Jabra device from the list, then click Connect. When prompted, click Accept.

Window 10

Open “Bluetooth and other devices” in system settings or click your Bluetooth button in the toolbar and select “Show Bluetooth devices”. If the Bluetooth button is hidden, you can find it under the up arrow in the system tray at the bottom of the screen (see below).

When the Add Device window appears, click Bluetooth. Find your Jabra device in the list and tap to connect it. Alternatively, search for “Bluetooth” in the Windows search box. If the Bluetooth and Other Devices window appears, make sure Bluetooth is turned on, then click Add Bluetooth Or other Device and select your device from the list.

How to Connect the Jabra elite 65t Earphones to a New Laptop

If you want to connect the Jabra Elite 65t to a new laptop, the headset must be reset and the history of previously paired laptops cleared. To do this, press and hold the right multifunction button for 10 seconds. The LED will start flashing purple to indicate that the device has been reset. You can then start the pairing process.

How to Connect Jabra Elite 65t to a MacBook

Easily connect the Jabra Elite 65t to your MacBook by following these steps:

• Click “Bluetooth” in the MacBook menu bar. From the drop-down menu, click the Air Pods option, which will then display the Bluetooth menu. Toggle the Bluetooth switch to make sure it’s on.

• If you don’t see the Bluetooth status icon in the menu bar, press the Apple menu, then choose System Preferences. Select the Bluetooth option, and then select the option to view Bluetooth from the menu bar. Now you can press the button in the menu bar to turn Bluetooth on or off.

• Press and hold the Elite 65t multifunction button for 3 seconds or until the LED flashes blue. When you connect to your laptop, the headset will appear in the Bluetooth menu. To complete the pairing process, click the Connect button.

• Now you can use headphones with a computer. If you need to adjust the quality of the right and left headphones, open the Bluetooth menu in the status bar and select Sound Settings.

Wrapping Up

You can also connect the Jabra Elite 65t to two devices at once! This means that if your headphones are connected to your smartphone and laptop at the same time and you switch between devices, you don’t have to connect them separately. The headset easily connects to many similar devices such as smartwatches, televisions, and game consoles. We also have a guide to help with the reverse problem – How to Use Two Headphones on PC and Mac.

The days of bulky wired headphones are long gone! The only problem with most devices these days is that sometimes the price doesn’t match the build quality. The Jabra Elite 65t has a stylish look and great sound quality. The noise-canceling function helps block out unwanted sound and the headphones are generally very comfortable to wear. We hope that now that you know how to connect the Jabra Elite 65t to your laptop, you can enjoy your headphones even more!

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