How to Fix a Stuck Key on a Laptop

How to Fix a Stuck Key on a Laptop

For the last two years, many users have been using laptops in their homes without any interval. Most of them started to eat while doing the work on a laptop. It is the reason to damage the button of the keyboard. But, the matter is that how to fix a stuck key on a laptop.

I tried my best to solve the major issue for the users. There are many problems with a laptop, but we have to focus on the keyboard parts.

How to fix the laptop keyboard key? No doubt, when you use a laptop at much time, its keys will stuck. It can happen due to dust or other irrelevant particles. We need to get rid of these issues.

How to fix a stuck key on a laptop? We have checked that most of the laptop users started to eat lunch, dinner, and breakfast. That is the reason to fall the drops of food or drink into the button of the keyboard. It happened many times in the lockdown days.

Food is the most significant part that can harm the keyboard performance all the time. I am here to fix the stuck key with the following methods.

Shaking It Away

How to fix stuck keys on a laptop keyboard? It is one of the best methods to adopt. I took all the following steps after searching a lot of official spots. Do not leave any point for a useful result.

  1. It would help if you shut down the laptop when you like to eat something near it. You need to off the laptop also when you are going to spread some documents there.
  2. Do not forget to hold the laptop very tightly with full power and tilt it upside down with the keyboard.
  3. Now, the time is to shake the laptop hardly for some time.
  4. At last, you have to check the stuck key. You may use the brush or any other thing to get a reasonable outcome.

If you fail to find the right result, then you can adopt any of the following methods.

Blow Away

If the dust remains on the keyboard and the key is still stuck, then you need to follow all these steps. How to fix the keyboard button on the laptop? You can use the compressor air to get rid of the dust which indulges into the keyboard.

  1. Shut down the laptop.
  2. You have to blow the jammed key with the compressed air user and see it very carefully until you get the required result.
  3. If you find the right result, then you can remove it carefully before starting the work.
  4. After completing all the processes, do not forget to check the specified key.

Pick It Before You Stick It

This process is a little bit longer as compared to the above two ones. One thing that takes into account is that it is the last hope for you.

How to fix a sticky key on a laptop? For this task, you must have a screwdriver in your hand. You may also use fingernails for this purpose. Suppose it will be best for you to get the right result. Do not forget to take the cotton swab and a small amount of alcohol.

  1. By using the flat tool, you have to pry the jammed key off of your keyboard.
  2. Then you put off the key; then, you have to wipe the damaged area using tissue paper or any other cloth.
  3. After that, use a cotton swab and alcohol to remove the dust without any delay.
  4. When you have done the job, then you have to dry the complete keyboard.
  5. Now, the time is to reset the stuck key into its exact place.

I hope your key will work better now than in the past. If you face the same kind of issue, do not be late to go to the technician.

I want to give you advice, when you are going to replace a key, do not disturb the other key. It may harm the progress of the keyboard. This method is only for small issues. If the key remains stuck, then do not waste time and money.


Due to lockdown in the entire world, we see these kinds of issues nowadays. How to fix a stuck key on a keyboard? If you face any issue, all the above information will help you erase the dirt particles from the stuck ket. Please, do not skip any step for an accurate result.

We hope that you will find the best result after fulfilling the process. I want to ask you if you agree with our statements, then do not forget to leave any comments in our favor.

At last, I recommend this observation to share with your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and other office mates for a good result.

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