How To Use The Function Key On A Laptop

How to use a functions key

We know that the function is also known as Fn. All the users know that it is located at the top of the keyboard. A lot of users are worried about writing it at any time. I am here to tell you about a shortcut method to how to use the function key on a laptop.

It helps to provide more easiness much time. The function keys have consisted of f1, f2, and till to f12. But, the issue is that how will we write it?

So, we will discuss how to use the function key on a laptop in this post.

From the last some years, the use of functions keys is enhanced and we need to see the F keys along with the functions keys.

Here are the important functions to perform pairs of Fn and F keys.

1) It would help if you shut down the speakers of the laptop 2) Change the brightness on your monitor screen. 3) Put your system of Hibernate. 4) You may activate the system on standby by using these keys.

How To Use The Fn Function Key/ F Lock Key On A Laptop?

One thing to take into account is that the functions keys started from f1 to f12. It functions as a toggle key on the keyboard. It would help if you used it many times as like the Caps lock key.

I have checked that you can allow the different functions to perform with the help of it.

For example, the F8 key increased the volume. If it does not work, then you can activate the fn key and flock keys.

It is used to toggle between alternate commands and standard commands.

What does the fn key do on a laptop?

When the F key is turned off, then you can use it as an alternate to activate the function. The standard functions like the F1 and F2 and forth to begin.

What does each function key do?

You can use the Fn keys any time. Please do not disable the button of the Flock.

For example, you can press the F5 button to reload a web page. Moreover, you can also get access to the secondary functions by pressing Fn and F5.

When the button of Flock is turned on, you can get access to the standard button, and you can use the secondary functions keys.

What is the work of F1 – F12 Keys?

As we discussed above, the F keys are knows and the functions keys on the board. You can get help from it for a couple of purposes. Suppose that Alt and Ctrl are vital keys in getting help for different kinds of purposes.

What does the fn button do? Each F key has its different functions to do. The Fn key determines the function keys to perform different functions. All the function keys are really helpful to get the alternative commands.

You need to apply all the shortcuts when the mouse stops working. I know your productivity will increase due to the use of it. Here is the working of F Keys.


  1. It helps in every program. It will navigate you to the web browser all the time.
  2. You combine the F1 and window key, and then Microsoft will help support the center.
  3. In Microsoft Excel, when you will press ALT+Shift+F1, you can open a new worksheet.


  1. It helps to give rename your selected files.
  2. In the Excel program, you can activate the cells and edit.
  3. You may see a print preview after pressing the Ctrl and F2 at the same time.


  1. It is the shortcut key to different search files in Microsoft Windows and programs.
  2. In MS Word, you can transform to lowercase when you press this ket and CTR simultaneously.
  3. In Window Explorer, you may push the F3 to activate the search functions.


  1. In Window Explorer, you can open the address bar.
  2. When you press the Alt and F4 at the same time, you can activate Microsoft windows.


  1. The use of this key is very common. We can refresh the system and files by pressing it.
  2. In MS Power Point, we can start a new slide.


  • It will help you to move the cursor to the address bar in the browser of the internet.


  • You can open the Microsoft program that helps to correct the grammar and spelling.
  • When you press the Shift and F7 key simultaneously, it will open the Thesaurus check on the selected result.


  • It opened the Start Up Menu in the windows.


  • In MS- Word, F9 refreshes the document all the time.


  • You can do right -click through a combination of Shift and F10.


  • It exits the Fullscreen mode in internet browsers at any time.


  • You can open a Word document by clicking on ctrl and F12 simultaneously.
  • When you press shift and F12 simultaneously, your Word document gets saved.
  • In MS- Word, click on Ctrl + Shift + F12 to print a document.

How to choose a function key or special key?

In the modern world, all things are upgraded over time. A lot of keys are specific for multiple issues. You can do different options like changing the volume, brightness, and sound.

For this, You can pick the functions of your special keys from F1 to F12 if the specified keys fail to perform. If you want to get a normal purpose, you need to press the Fn and F Lock leys.

The Role of Lock Functions Keys

It used to reboot your system. Many keyboards have UEFI or BIOS settings. To know about it, I would like to ask you to see the video by the Filip Tech. All the video tutorials are very effective in understanding things. After that, you can apply it to your daily work.


I tried my best to post all the essential information about how to use the function key on a laptop. If you still have any issues, then you may compare the information to another spot. Do not forget to see maximum videos about this task. At last, if you satisfy with it, then please share it with others.

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