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Syed Hamza is a content writer, product researcher, and SEO professional. He lives in Germany and currently doing his Master’s degree in Computer Science.


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You are here because you want to buy a new laptop, let me give you some information about the laptops so you can understand and pick one of the best laptops from 10 best laptops for civil engineering students which suits you the most.  Technology has taken over this era of time, it was a …

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While creating the list for the best laptop for Cyber Security and hacking I have faced a lot of hurdles because it requires some really keen observation and keeping in mind everything that is useful and even compulsory for the Cyber Security students. Nowadays, very tough competition is going on between the big companies to …

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This is a complete guide on how to charge your laptop battery manually. So, In this guide, you’ll get all those ways to charge your laptop manually. Some of them are listed below: External Charger Type-C USB Port Travelling Adapter AC Adapter Nature-friendly Adapter Lots more If you want to learn different methods, this guide …

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