05 Ways To Fix AirPods Not Charging Issues

why are my airpods not charging

Hey folks, welcome to TeckTrucks, I have found that many people are facing an issue while charging AirPods. So, I thought to craft a complete guide that will help all of you.

So today our topic is “Why Are My AirPods Case Is Not Charging?” and to overcome this issue we have named our guide as “05 Ways To Fix AirPods & AirPod Case Not Charging Issues”.

Due to the swift routine for everyone in the world, most smartphone users like to use Airpods. But, we have seen that a lot of users are tired due to charging issues. No matter, you have reached the right place. If you like to stay here till the end of content, it is not a big deal to resolve to charge.

Why is my AirPods case not charging?

I have manipulated all the steps by knowing the users’ requirements. Let’s start the process without wasting any time on videos.

Where’s the problem?

I have seen that most users do not know where the problem is in the AirPods. Even all the inputs are doing well. Do not worry; your air pods will charge without any issue. Maybe your case is quite different than the other. It is essential to find out the problem before resolving it.

It is not a big deal to clarify the issue in the device of air pods. If the light of the tools starts to blink, there is no issue with the AirPods. The light is the difference for you. When you unplug the charger, the light will automatically off. Sometimes, the light remained on, but the percentage of charging remained the same.

If you see the above issue in the AirPods, then it may be the issue of software. You can update the software by attaching the Airpods to a specific device. Most of the time, there is a fault by the users. These quick services will increase the progress of chargers of


How To Troubleshoot Your AirPods If They Won’t Charge:

There are many methods to overcome this issue. But most of them are very difficult to understand. I tried my best to pick the best option for all the viewers. I hope that after reading the detail below, you can fix as own self within no time. No doubt, troubleshoot is a significant issue nowadays.

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01. Stay Away From Non- Apple Chargers:

We know that more than 95% of people like to use colorful products and cheap also. So, it is the primary thing that created problems for you. It would help if you stayed away from all these products. It is material too insufficient to use.

According to my review, it is good to spend amount single time instead of again and again. You can purchase the pure apple charges from the official sites of Apple. We have checked that the material of apple AirPods charges is of high quality always.

02. Check Your Charger Cord Connection:

After getting the air pods charges, do not forget to check it constantly. You can do it by using the iPhone or the AirPods of any other friends. I want to ask you to check the walls of the plug and surfaces also. These kinds of movements will save you time and cost also. The charger cord is an essential element in any AirPods cord.

03. Check Your Power Outlet:

Before doing all the steps, do not forget to see the power connection to the AirPods charges. It demands very carefully acts by you. We have checked that most of the users changed the charger, and it did not work again. It is due to the fault in the power outlet. So, be careful about this step. I am here to assist you with all your efforts.

Do not hurry if you face any problems in this section. You can try this on many other sockets at home or in offices. Maybe, you find some issues in the sockets rather than the chargers.

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04. Check your Wireless Charging Pad:

The version of AirPods and AirPods chargers must save. We have checked that most of the users bought lower-quality chargers from the market. They have wasted too much amount on these acts. I want to ask you to be careful here.

No matter, you are using a 2nd Generation device or Pro Generations. Do not forget to see all the aspects of it. No one has money to spend again and again.

You can wait to connect both sides for many seconds. Do not hurry to change any things before trying different kinds of methods. Most of the AirPods chargers do not have any fault. There will be any other error in the sockets in the wire.

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05. Connect Your Case to Your Phone:

The AirPods charger is different from the iPhone. You need to check all the essentials in the product. All the information will be available outside the box. It would help if you stayed away from all the poor and local quality chargers.

Do not forget to shut the lid of the AirPods case after attaching it. You have to see the charger’s light and AirPods for more than fifteen minutes. After that, you will be clear about the performance. If there are any faults, you can check them after opening the AirPods case or charger. One thing that takes into account is that the device must always pair. There will be a picture or image on the low side of AirPods on the screen.

Final Words:

After reading all the steps above, it is not a big deal to do the task. Both the appliance are very small. Always purchase a best buy iPhone charger case. A small mistake may increase your cost.

If you still have any issues, then you can see more videos on Youtube. There are a lot of options to decrease the problem. I hope that there is not a significant matter for you. At last, I request you to do all the steps incomplete sequence.

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