Why Is My New Laptop So Slow: 7 Common Reasons & Their Solutions

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In this post, you will get those reasons that cause your laptop to slow down and you will also get the tips and solution to discard them.

But before that, tell me: Have you ever promised yourself that you will not play games or you will not download the creepy software that uses the most resources after purchasing a new laptop?

Let us know in the comment section.

We have specially made this post for those people who are facing problems such as laptops takes a longer time to start up, lagging, freezing and hanging of laptops over time. If you’re one of those who are facing the same problem then you’re in the right place.

We will give you a detailed solution which you can go through and overcome your problem easily.

Actually, there are some reasons why a laptop is slowing down. In this post, we are going to cover those reasons as well.

We suggest you go through those reasons as well because this reason will also help you in the future in identifying the problem that occurred on your laptop.

So let’s get started with all those reasons which makes laptops slow.

Why Is My New Laptop So Slow: 7 Common Reasons & Their Solutions

Choose the reason you’re facing the most and wanna explore out:


We will give you the detailed solution after discussing the reason or cause. You can find a detailed solution below the reasons.

So let’s get started with our first reason that is:

1. Virus/Malware – Effects Badly On Your Laptop

Virus/Malware - Why Is My New Laptop So Slow

What is a computer worm/virus?

I think almost every person can understand what a virus or malicious software can do with any PC.

Let me tell you: It slows down the overall performance of your laptop and makes you feel irritated by doing creepy things like web browsers get stuck with multiple ads, you try to shut down your laptop but can’t do it or your important files are being deleted continuously.

When such things happen you have to understand that your machine is facing a critical situation. 


If your laptop or a PC is infected with viruses and doesn’t have an antivirus or anti-malware software then you need to install that first and check if your laptop is infected or not. You can easily do this task by running a complete anti-malware and antivirus scan.

There are many antivirus and anti-malware software that you can use. Many people use Windows Defender that is the built-in Microsoft tool that keeps you safe from any malicious threats.

But there are some people who use several paid tools that are much more powerful than Windows Defender. You can find many tools but we recommend you check Malwarebytes that is an anti-malware software and Bitdefender for antivirus. These two software has very good reviews on different sites and also on Amazon.


These types of antivirus software are regularly updated by their manufacturer. So make sure to update your security software regularly.

2. Overheating Makes Your Laptop Slow

Overheating Makes Your Laptop Slow - Why Is My New Laptop So Slow

You have heard from someone that his/her laptop is overheating or it might be possible that you’re facing this issue. So, let me tell you what you’re doing wrong if you’re facing this problem.

A laptop is overheated when the processor is doing more work then its resources. You can notice that sometimes your laptop fan starts moving faster than it used to be to make your laptop cool. On the other hand, when the dust is filled up in the heat sink tubes, chances are overheating is taking place.

Below, we have given the best possible solution to overheating.


To overcome this situation, you need to clean the dust on the fan and vents. This would really help you in optimizing the speed of your new laptop. If your fan is damaged or not working properly you can get this cooling pad.

Your next step is to check whether the heatsink is cleaned or not. In order to clean that, you need to have an electronics compressed gas duster like this. This gas duster is very useful and is specially designed for cleaning electronic components such as CPU’s, keyboard and workstations, etc.

It really helps you remove the dust, lint, and other contaminants from those areas where your hands can hardly reach. However, if you want to read more about overheating in details you can visit here at how to fix overheating laptops


Be careful and avoid using those heavy applications at the same time such as Photoshop, Premiere as they consume more power and result in overheating.

3. Low Disk Space Results In Slow Speed Of A Laptop

Low Disk Space - Why Is My New Laptop So Slow

As we all know that the more disk space means a faster laptop. However, It is recommended to maintain at least 15% of disk space free on your laptop hard drive.

If you’ve not maintained your hard drive then you have to face some problems such as slow speed, lagging, and freezing of a laptop.

Maintaining at least 15% of disk space free helps you boost the performance of your laptop and eliminates freezing issues.

If you’re running out of disk space and want to eliminate this problem, you have to follow the below solution:


The solution is simple, you have to clean your laptop hard drive but unfortunately, this is not an easy job as you’re thinking. We recommend you to start removing those third-party applications that you think are just waste. Because these are the programs that are taking most of the space on your laptop hard drive.

The next step you have to do is to find those big giant videos and images files that are occupying more disk space and start removing them. Maybe you’re thinking, how would you do that?

I know many questions are coming in your mind for example,  finding all these files might take all day or you don’t know where those files are actually located. So don’t worry, We are here to answer your all questions.

Here’s an app you would love to use because it’s simple to use and will save your time doing so. CleanMyPC is a great app that we recommend you to install on your PC. It helps you scan your computer to clean junk files, keeps your PC clean, boosts and speeds up your PC’s performance.

We would highly recommend you to download it from here.

CleanMyPC has the Uninstaller feature that would help you delete those applications which are taking out more space.

“It cares for your computer”

4. Running Too Many Processes At The Same Time Causes Slow Speed Of A Laptop

Here’s another problem that can seriously impact your laptop speed. Consider yourself doing multiple jobs at the same time. You will feel that your energy level is slowing down.

Windows Task Manager - Why Is My New Laptop So Slow
Windows Task Manager

You cannot handle multiple tasks at the same time. That’s why many people don’t believe in multitasking. Hence, your laptop also cannot bear that. Its speed becomes slow and the system becomes unresponsive when you try to do too many tasks at the same time.

If you’re running too many programs at the same, you’d probably notice some side effects usually, the system becomes unresponsive, the system takes much time to shut down, and sometimes the mouse stuck or freezes.

But don’t worry, we have the solution to this problem. Usually, there are some apps that run in the background automatically and the bloatware that is bundled with a new laptop.


There are some apps that are installed on our laptops. These apps have no use in our life but are consuming our laptop’s resources. So, your first step should be, to disable those apps that automatically start when the system starts and optimize the startup list by using the CleanMyPC app.

Make sure that you’re using lightweight antivirus software because the software that consumes more resources of one’s laptop is this antivirus software. 

However, these are the software that performs tasks in the background. In simple words, these are the apps that are running in the background. The best example of lightweight antivirus software is MalwareBytes.

However, new laptops usually came up with a lot of unwanted software that is included by the manufacturer also known as bloatware. 

Uninstall them.

Next, you have to open the task manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete and check those apps that are running in the background and how much resources they are using. After reviewing and overviewing those apps, select those apps which you don’t need: Dispatch them.

5. Using Outdated Hardware Can Make Your Laptop Slow

Using Outdated Hardware Can Make Your Laptop Slow

Outdated or faulty hardware also results in the slow speed of a laptop. The most common hardware that affects directly the speed is hard drive and RAM. It’s important to check this hardware before purchasing a laptop.

If that laptop has this hardware that meets your requirement then you can buy that laptop because you can produce more efficiency in your work with that laptop. But if you’ve chosen the wrong laptop, then you have to face slow speed and the hanging of a laptop.

For example, You want your laptop to process large documents and heavy multitasking, the RAM 8GB is the minimum requirement for your work. If you’ve purchased a laptop that has 4GB RAM then you have to face many issues regarding the speed of your laptop.


There are two solutions to this one problem: purchase a new laptop or upgrade the hardware. You can choose any option. If you want to purchase a new laptop then you can see our guide on the best gaming laptop under $600. These laptops are best for gaming as well as best for processing large documents and multi-tasking.

The other solution is that you can upgrade your laptop hardware. Upgrading hardware might be a costly solution but if you like to do that by the way, you can do that. Below we have suggested some best hardware. Make sure to check it.

If you want to upgrade the RAM we recommend you buy this RAM at 37$ or this one in just 25$ on Amazon.

Here’s the hard disk you can see if you’re having a problem with your hard disk. You can buy this SSD drive in $79.99 or this SanDisk SSD PLUS 240GB Internal SSD in just $39 on Amazon.

6. Regularly Updating Windows 10 Keeps Your Laptop Performing Better

Regularly Updating Windows 10 Keeps Your Laptop Performing Better

Is your system not running the latest Windows 10 version. Keeping your system Windows up to date makes your system runs performs better in speed and performance. Updating to the latest version of Windows 10 helps in bug fixing, security patches and gives you some new features that you’ve never seen.

Unfortunately, many people don’t prefer to update their system Windows. But it’s a healthy habit to keep your laptop up to date. If you do not have a habit of updating your Windows, you have to face the slow speed of your laptop.


Here’s the procedure to update your Windows 10 to the latest version.

Press the Windows Start button from the left-bottom corner.

Windows Start Button
Windows Start Button

Find the gear icon or Go to the Setting tab.

Gear Icon
Gear Icon

In the Windows Settings, find the Update and Security tab.

Click on the Update and Security tab.

Update & Security Tab
Update & Security Tab

Find the Windows Update option from the sidebar.

Windows Update Tab
Windows Update Tab – Sidebar

Click on it.

A window will appear to the right of the sidebar.

Find the Check For Updates button.

Check For Update Button
Check For Updates Button

Press the button.

Now, the system will check whether the update is available or not.

If there is an update available, the system will start downloading the latest version automatically.

7. Not Cleaning Registry Files Can Cause Your Laptop To Slow Down

Not Cleaning Registry Files Can Cause Your Laptop Slow - Why Is My New Laptop So Slow

The broken files are messed up in the system registry when a software is installed, upgraded or uninstalled and hence results in making your laptop slow.

Registry is an extremely sensitive archive, we personally don’t recommend you to clean the registry of your system. In case, we are not responsible if anything happens to your system.

Windows Registry stores information about every process, program, and setting on your system. Your computer will not work properly if you’ve removed the wrong entry.

But, we will give you the complete step-by-step guide which you can follow if you’re confident that you won’t remove something wrong.


You have to follow the following steps to clean the registry:

First, you have to enable the safe mode on your computer or a laptop.

Click on the Windows Start button from the left-bottom corner.

Start Button - Why is my new laptop so slow
Start Button

Click on the Power icon and find the restart option.

Restart Button - Why Is My New Laptop So Slow
Restart Button

Hold the Shift button and click on Restart.

Keyboard Shift Button - Why Is My New Laptop Slow
Keyboard Shift Button

Do not stop holding the Shift button until the blue screen is displayed.

Find the Troubleshoot option and click on it.

Troubleshoot Button
Troubleshoot Button

Then, click the Startup settings.


Click on the Restart button.

Pressing Restart Button
Restart Button

From the next window, choose Enable Safe Mode With Networking by pressing number.

Enable Safe Mode With Networking
Enable Safe Mode With Networking

Your computer will now restart in Safe Mode.

Next, open registry cleaner by clicking on the Windows Start button again after the computer is restarted in Safe Mode.

Type Regedit to search for the Registry cleaner.

Searching For The Registry Editor
Searching For The Registry Editor
  • Click on the regedit.
  • Click on Yes to allow regedit to make changes to your device.
  • Regedit is now opened.
  • Find the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and expand it.
  • In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE find the software folder and expand it.
  • In the software folder, find the files of that software that are already uninstalled and no longer use.
  • Right-click on the files or folders which you want to delete.
  • Click on delete and press, yes to make sure you want to delete that file.
  • Then click on the X button on the top of the screen to close the files Regedit and restart your system.

To read this solution in detail, you can go here and check out the detailed procedure.

That’s all.

We hope you’d find this guide useful.


In the above guide, we have discussed the common problems that cause the slow speed of laptop and hence, folks face issues. Therefore, we have put together a detailed solution so they can encounter that problem easily by following the steps.

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